SSAKS Cordless Aqua Cleaner

Product by: SSAKS


  • 1 Main Body (Cleaner)
  • 1 Brush for Dry Clean
  • 1 Brush for Aqua Clean
  • 3 pcs Square Microfiber Pad
  • 1 Adaptor
  • 1 User Manual


Product Features:

1. The latest model of Ace Electronics, No,1 Cleaner Manufacturer in Korea. Beloved brand, SSAKS!

2. Korean-style vacuum cleaner that cleans up dust and dirt with 2 types of cleaning (Dry/Aqua)

3. With a 2,200 RPM aqua brush (sweep + wipe) at once

4. Can be used for more than 40 minutes in about 3 hours charged

5. Microfiber rolling brush / microfiber dust cleaner with microfiber wipe. No more dust coming out of the cleaner

6. On / off switch according to angle by tilting method

7. Can be stored in any place with self-standing

8. Automatic stop function when harmful material inserted

9. Easy to clean! No burden on the wrist with light weight. Only 2.2kg!

10. Dust box 

11. Safety guaranteed

12. Durability

13. Cordless

14. Color Options